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Children of the 90s. Women of the now, Defunct Teen Mag dishes out opinions on what’s hawt and what’s nawt, with sides of retrospectives, introspectives and a variety of Other-flavored spectives from four women who are glad they’ve got their girls. We’ll give our everything, on this we swear. Just read on, and feel free to share.

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Maryse is a queer, Caribbean-American Fraulein Maria, more or less. The highlight of her 2016 was eating curry with a bunch of Black women the night after the election, singing along to TLC and trading stories about times we’d seen Junot Diaz around Cambridge/Somerville. Hobbies: talking Vinusha out of internet arguments with strangers, baking, boxing, and getting into internet arguments with strangers.
Personal advisory board: Issa Rae, Chrissle West, Daveed Diggs.



Vinusha is a Guyanese-American New Yorker living/working/schooling in Columbus, Ohio. Her hobbies include getting into Internet arguments with strangers, watching a lot of TV, reading a lot of books, and feeling a vague sense of anxiety about her very existence, but getting over it when there’s company over.



Stephi is a ketchup-loving, snake-hating, sports-obsessed FEMINIST. She firmly believes Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of her lifetime, mint & chocolate are a perfect combo, and the Oxford Comma should always be used.
Personal Advisory Board: Cecile Richards, Hannah Szenes, and Toni Stone.




Jessica is a #mixed LA native whose previous Twitter tagline was Doris Day meets LMFAO. She’s a sarcastic baker, mover, shaker, and playlist maker. Much yes, more YAS, most sass.
Personal Advisory Board: Joan of Arc, Stacy London, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

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